Frequently Asked Questions

Mintiq is a modern art exchange marketplace for world-famous artists. It offers unique digital artworks as well as digital images of physical works with proof of authenticity or ownership right. Each artwork has a detailed description and full classification. All artists represented by renowned art galleries can exhibit their work on the Mintiq platform.

The works sold on Mintiq are either pieces of digital art, or digital objects representing physical assets. The latter can be a digital representation with proof of authenticity, or it will come with ownership rights for the physical piece, depending on the artist’s choice. The artwork owner can process it through minting which turns the digital object into an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a cryptographically secured digital object, e.g. an image with metadata. Thanks to the possibility of blockchain technology (distributed database), users can send an NFT to and from their accounts and unambiguously track its history.

Anyone can create a user profile on Mintiq. Also, every artist who has an established relationship with a gallery or a musem can submit their work to be exhibited on the platform, but it will need to be verified by our trusted partners and the decision to have it published is up to our curators. With their approval, the artist can then put the piece up for sale.

Anyone with a Mintiq user profile and positive KYC verification can buy artwork using fiat or crypto currencies.
After payment is completed, the user becomes the owner of the digital object and has the possibility of minting an NFT. The NFT is originally stored on the platform account but can be sent to any external address in the blockchain network (Ethereum or Flow) at any time.

All works of art displayed on the Mintiq platform are verified by our curators. All of them are experts working for cultural institutions with organization profiles on the platform. However, Mintiq takes no responsibility for the extent of the experts’ knowledge and remains only a broker in the process.