Cape Cod Evening
Cape Cod Evening
Edward Hopper
This could be an NFT. For now it is for “view only purposes”. Interested? Get in touch!
Width: 101.6 cmHeight: 76.2 cmDepth: 1 cm
Size: 3.14 MBFile type: JPEGWidth: 4096 pxHeight: 3072 px
About the Artwork
Edward Hopper painted Cape Cod Evening in 1939 in Truro, a small fishing village on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The artist stated: “It is no transcription of a place, but pieced together from sketches and mental impressions of things in the vicinity. . . . The dry, blowing grass can be seen from my studio window in the late summer or autumn. In the woman I attempted to get the broad, strong-jawed face and blond hair of a Finnish type of which there are many on the Cape. The man is a dark-haired Yankee. The dog is listening to something, probably a whippoorwill [sic] or some evening sound.” According to his wife, the painting was originally to have been titled “Whippoorwill,” after the nocturnal bird known for its distinctive song.
Type of exposureSingle NFT
Date of creation1939